Bear’s Lodge

This medium roast is a bold but balanced roast. You would be hard pressed not to taste its sweet chocolatey notes along with a dose of caramel, cherries and hints of pipe tobacco.

Best Extraction method: Pour overs, drip

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Our Darkest and boldest roast. This bad boy, like the climbing area, is intense and full bodied. Smoky, Dark chocolate and maybe a hint of molasses come out in this blend.

Best Extraction method: Espressos, Pour Overs, and french presses

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kings chair-old

An organic single origin bean that is crisp, sweet and light. This roast profile and notes are so distinct that you would think it is flavored. A slight Lemon and blueberry notes immediately come to mind. Lit like a J tree party.

Best Extraction method: Pretty much however you want to roll.

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