Basecamp Coffee Roasters

our affinity for coffee and climbing.

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Our Story

As climbers and avid outdoor enthusiasts, we understand the importance of a good cup of coffee that gets you up and crushing those 4:00am first light approaches and powering you through your conquest.
Basecamp is our vision combining our passion for coffee and climbing.
A little backstory, 10 years ago we founded Vertical Rock, an indoor climbing center and outdoor rock climbing school promoting access to rock climbing to anyone that wants to try out the sport or learn the skills required. We imagined a place that would engage and cultivate a community and as VR grew, the community would grow along with it. The relationships made between people at VR are healthy and dynamic and are long lived. Learning the sport of Rock climbing just doesn't end with climbing up a rock. Its the campfire, the camp out, the hike, the rappel, the trust in each other, in yourself, and knowing that a good cup of coffee and adventure to share makes these experiences that much better. 

The Lab - Our coffee extraction Methods

Again, we are incredibly selective with our coffee choices and nothing short of MAD scientists when it comes to pouring the perfect cup. We love the simplicity/complexity of making coffee and we understand that different extraction methods can yield different and palatable experiences. If you have a few moments, let our baristas assist in finding your ideal coffee profile and taste.

Find out more below on a few of our brewing methods:

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This method is utilized for an on demand and crisp taste. Your barista will pair your choice of bean with the appropriate grind size, temperature of water, and extraction time and weight. About 5-7 minutes for completion, but trust us, its worth the extra wait!

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Small batch Drip

We only brew 2 gallons at a time. Our airpots do not sit for longer than an hour. Guaranteed to be fresh and lively.

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Cold flash

Our drip process over ice. We make small batch cold brew with hot water to get the most flavorful extraction and instantly cool it down to be served as cold brew.

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Japanese Slow Drip

Kyoto style extraction process involving water and coffee beans that meet drip by drip over 14-18 hours. This creates a cold brew that is by far the most flavorful with low acidity and distinctive tasting notes of our coffees. Served chilled, over ice, or diluted with water to taste. Warning this is an incredibly caffeinated experience!

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French Press

Ground coffee and hot water perfectly meshed together to create a robust cup. Still one of the top ways to make coffee.