Our Darkest and boldest roast. This bad boy, like the climbing area, is intense and full bodied. Smoky, Dark chocolate and maybe a hint of molasses come out in this blend.
Best Extraction method: Espressos, Pour Overs, and french presses


Seneca Rocks is located in the Monongahela National Forest, Pendleton County, West Virginia. This popular rock climbing destination features routes up to 300 ft in length leading to its iconic fin-like summit. During WWII, the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division climbed Seneca Rocks training on the unique and steep rock faces to prepare for their mountain warfare mission. At one point it was rumored that 75,000 pitons were driven into the cliffs by the soldiers. The remaining pitons bear silent witness to the heroism of Mountain Soldiers. Today’s rock climbers can attest to our rich National history if they are bold enough to climb “The Face of 1000 Pitons”.


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Bear’s Lodge

This medium roast is a bold but balanced roast. You would be hard pressed not to taste its sweet chocolatey notes along with a dose of caramel, cherries and hints of pipe tobacco.
Best Extraction method: Pour overs, drip

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An organic single origin bean that is crisp, sweet and light. This roast profile and notes are so distinct that you would think it is flavored. A slight Lemon and blueberry notes immediately come to mind. Lit like a J tree party.

Best Extraction method: Pretty much however you want to roll.

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