Bear’s Lodge


This medium roast is a bold but balanced roast. You would be hard pressed not to taste its sweet chocolatey notes along with a dose of caramel, cherries and hints of pipe tobacco.
Best Extraction method: Pour overs, drip


Devils Tower is located in The Black Hills of Wyoming and just outside the town of Sundance. The tower got its mistaken name from a translation of its original name, Bears Lodge thought to mean “Bad Gods Tower”

This 1267 foot tall obelisk is a climber’s dream, made up of wide ribbed phonolite rock columns believed to be a result from cooling lava. Also known by many Indian tribes for its healing powers, its sacred and spirited aura is thought to be the birthplace of “wisdom”

Legend has it that two young girls were chased onto a rock escaping a bear. As they prayed to the great spirit”, the rock began to grow keeping the two safe from the bear. As the bear tried to get to them, it left claw marks that resemble the striations on the rock formation. Many have said they can feel the power exuding from the tower, and recognize the importance of protecting the religious beliefs and rights of the tribes that still worship it. Every June, the tower closes to climbers out of respect for religious ceremonies and its spiritual practices.


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Our Darkest and boldest roast. This bad boy, like the climbing area, is intense and full bodied. Smoky, Dark chocolate and maybe a hint of molasses come out in this blend.
Best Extraction method: Espressos, Pour Overs, and french presses

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An organic single origin bean that is crisp, sweet and light. This roast profile and notes are so distinct that you would think it is flavored. A slight Lemon and blueberry notes immediately come to mind. Lit like a J tree party.

Best Extraction method: Pretty much however you want to roll.

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