An organic single origin bean that is crisp, sweet and light. This roast profile and notes are so distinct that you would think it is flavored. A slight Lemon and blueberry notes immediately come to mind. Lit like a J tree party.

Best Extraction method: Pretty much however you want to roll.

kings chair-old

Joshua Tree (J-Tree) National Parkis located in San Bernardino County, California about 140 miles east of Los Angeles. This desert park has quite the reputation for its short, but sustained rock climbing and its epic bouldering steps away from camp.

It’s all about the adventures to be had before or after the climbing. Like finding the Kings Chair. Which takes quite a bit of an adventurous spirit to achieve a close to perfect natural seat made from rock 100 feet above the ground. Only to be attained by some bold scrambling and possibly a headlamp. Once you take your throne, the view is yours to experience sunrise, sunset, or the constellations higher above.

With hot days, cold desert nights and the notoriety of lit parties under the night sky, J-Tree makes for a unique camping experience no matter where you pitch your tent, camper or sleeping bag.


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Bear’s Lodge

This medium roast is a bold but balanced roast. You would be hard pressed not to taste its sweet chocolatey notes along with a dose of caramel, cherries and hints of pipe tobacco.
Best Extraction method: Pour overs, drip

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Our Darkest and boldest roast. This bad boy, like the climbing area, is intense and full bodied. Smoky, Dark chocolate and maybe a hint of molasses come out in this blend.
Best Extraction method: Espressos, Pour Overs, and french presses

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